Converting Bingo Players to Casino Games

Many iGaming affiliates want to know if it’s possible to convert bingo players into casino games. The answer is: yes! It can be done.
Here are tips and tools for helping convert bingo players to casino games:
Keep the Faith
If you are already converting players to online bingo, guess what? The hard part is already over. Converting players to bingo is one of the toughest chores in iGaming. If you’ve managed to do this, you have a base of players that have already passed one of the toughest challenges in creating iGaming conversions. With that challenging part out of the way, the rest is not too difficult.
Focus on Slots
Before trying to cross-sell casino players, it’s important to know a thing or two about your clientele and their tendencies. For example, converting poker players to bingo is very tough since the type of people who play poker generally shudder at the idea of playing a game of bingo.
Think a little about the nature of online bingo:

  • requires no intellectual decision-making
  • offers hope of a windfall payoff
  • generally minimal up-front risk involved

What casino games match these features? Count blackjack out, it requires too much math and decision-making. Craps and roulette offer little promise of a sudden, massive payday. Even keno requires players to put their fate in their own hands by choosing numbers.

But there is one casino game that matches many of the characteristics of bingo: slots. Both allow participants to wager a bit of money for a chance to win a great deal more without having to deal with a lot of pressure or responsibility. Could you get bingo players to convert to blackjack? Probably. But why not stick with an approach more likely to result in conversions?
Give Players Cross Incentives
Work with your preferred casino affiliate manager to set-up a cross promotion for your players. You can take this in any of a number of directions. For example, your bingo players that wager $100 or more this month will receive a free $10 credit to try the slot machines at a casino site.
You may be surprised how willing affiliate managers can be to help set-up promotions of this nature. After all, they want conversions just as badly as you do and are often willing to roll the dice a bit to generate new business. Just be sure to approach them with a mutually beneficial offer.
Dance with the Girl that Brought You
It’s okay to make efforts to convert your bingo players to casino games, but don’t cannibalize the value of your traffic by taking matters too far. Your bingo players are valuable to you. Going for extra value by trying to convert them to casino games is okay, but certain lines should not be crossed. Don’t transform your bingo portal into a casino site overnight. Subtly is key here. Visitors come to your site for bingo information and they should continue to receive just that.
Track and Test
Your affiliate website is your business so it’s important to be a professional every step of the way. Part of that dedication means going the extra mile and doing tedious but valuable things like tracking your traffic and implementing A/B split testing to determine which advertising campaigns are most effective on your site.
By dividing your visitors into groups that see different ad campaigns, you can begin to determine which affiliate programs work best for you. Split testing can be an incredibly valuable tool especially when experimenting with upselling bingo players to casino games.
What have you learned when trying to convert bingo players to casino games? Please share with us in our forums.