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Content Unlocking For The iGaming Industry

Affiliates have begun to realize that content unlocking could be the “key” to more referrals and higher earnings. This model is simple: you have something of value to provide, but don’t want to “give it away” for free. Rather than ask users to pay, they must instead complete another action and ultimately a conversion for your site.

If the user takes the proper action – from clicking through to a particular site (activating your affiliate link) to registering for a newsletter – they are then provided the content for free. (eGaming Review) is a well known online magazine with a tight focus on the gaming industry. However, you are unable to access their content for free. Instead, it is put behind a wall and is only accessible to those who pay a monthly subscription. Despite the fact that is a big organization, churning out high quality content on a daily basis, affiliates can learn a lot about content unlocking by reviewing their business model.

As noted above, you can require that visitors take a particular action, such as joining your newsletter, before gaining access to your content. This action should benefit you in some way, shape, or form.

When you put your content behind a wall you are definitely going to turn some people away. At the same time, this strategy will attract visitors who are truly interested in the subject matter. If somebody is willing to take action to access your content, it goes without saying that they have an interest in what you are offering.

As a gaming affiliate, if you are interested in content unlocking it is important to focus on two details:

  • Provide valuable information, including content, videos, images, and anything else your audience may be interested in
  • Use this strategy to your advantage by requiring visitors to take an action that will benefit your affiliate business

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