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Content Publishing: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Post

Updating the content of your affiliate website is important for both SEO and keeping your users informed and entertained. However, content needs to be properly equipped in order to capture the attention of search engines and your readers.

Here are 5 questions to ask of your new website content to ensure its success.

Does It Have Proper Keywords?

Researching keywords needs to be done before you start even writing. There are so many different ways to research keywords (both free and paid), just make sure that you do it.

Tip: Use long keywords the most because 80% of organic traffic comes from longer keywords as opposed to shorter ones. Also, spread the keywords evenly throughout your content and use the highest ranking words near the top.

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Does It Interlink?

Never publish new content without interlinking to your older posts, blogs, tweets, etc. Interlinking increases internal and external back links and the traffic to your site. Tip: Link to your older posts near the beginning of your newer posts for best results. Also, make sure you link to outside sources such as other gaming blogs, infographs, etc.

Does It Have Images?

Although images within your content can’t be read by search engines, they are good for the eyes.  Especially if your content is dry in tone, a catchy or funny image at the top is an excellent hook to get readers interested (a controversial image is even better).  Also, add appropriate alt tags when possible.

Does It Have a Call to Action?

Without a call to action, new content (or any content) is rendered useless. Always provide users with a clear call to action—this can be asking for readers’ suggestions/comments, inviting users to subscribe, etc. However, don’t distract the reader with too many links or offers. If you want the reader to invest in or sign up for something, the process should be as simple as possible.

Is It Grammatically Correct?

This should go without saying, but always make sure that your content (new and old) is grammatically correct and typo-free. Use standard capitalization and spelling, skip lines between paragraphs and don’t use a lot of bold font or exclamation marks. And use your spell check as the final task before you publish.

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