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Timeline of Closed Poker Rooms and Affiliate Programs

Here’s  a brief timeline of notable online poker site closures since Black  Friday (and one that took place well before that dark day).

Dutch Boyd – 2001  was a popular site run by professional poker players Dutch Boyd back in  2000. While the site was definitely blazing the trail for the coming  poker boom, it was also foreshadowing online pokers’ worst scandals,  too.
When  the site shut its doors in 2001, it also shut the door on existing  player accounts. There’s plenty of disagreement about what exactly  happened to the money, but it certainly didn’t wind up back with its  rightful owners.
Add in some rumours about stolen credit cards being  used to buy chips on the site and the whole thing added up to a giant mess.
A decade later, player accounts still haven’t been paid back.