Can Help Gaming Affiliates Monetize Content


What happens when you combine the rapid sharing of Twitter, the conversationalism of blogging and the comments threads of Reddit? You might get Twoggit…or; UberMedia’s new kid on the social media block. UberMedia CEO Bill Gross describes as an “interest network,” or perhaps the love child between Facebook and Twitter—possibly a dreaded child when FB and Twitter get wind of the kid’s parricidal potential.

What Means to Gaming Affiliates

Like other social networks, has a news feed, profile pages and a system for following other users. shares similarities to Twitter’s interface, but it’s designed to handle different aspects than Twitter and FB, and gives users, or “chimers,” much more control over their landing page. is subject-focused and will not put the spiders on you, but what you are interested in. “It doesn’t filter by people,” says Gross, “it filters by what people are talking about and what they are looking for, thus creating chime-lines.”

The Monetization of

With new social networks trying to rise to the top and compete—or possibly knock out—the heavy hitters of the industry, what makes stand a chance in the ring?

“Having yet another social network isn’t a winning strategy,” says Gross. “The advantage of is that users have control over their profiles, including the advertising and sponsors that run on their page.” Chimers can include their own ads on their landing page and keep 100% of the revenue, or they can let UberMedia sell ads for their page and split the revenue 50-50.

“In every form of publishing there is the ability to monetize the content, and we are bringing that ability to social media,” Gross concludes.

So what do you think? Does’s new monetary spin give it an advantage over its top social media rivals, or will the new site likely bite the dust as so many that have come before it? As an affiliate, will you give a try? Let’s us know your thoughts in our forum.