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Centrebet Eliminates Negative Rollover

October 10, 2008 — In an effort to improve service to its affiliates, the Centrebet affiliate program has announced that it has done away with negative rollover — a policy engineered in response to feedback from its affiliates and designed to increase their earning potential.


"We've always worked hard to create a great program for our affiliates," explains Michael Ciancio, Centrebet's Affiliate Manager, "Yet we wanted it to be the best. So we went out and asked our affiliates what would make them happier."

According to a news release by the company, the resulting discussion brought up many positives, such as Centrebet's above-average clickthrough and signup rates, as well as the company's willingness to work with individual affiliates to create co-branded campaigns. By showcasing Centrebet's logo and imagery alongside branded elements for these affiliates' websites, co-branded campaigns helped inspire trust in site visitors and ultimately improved conversions, stated the release.
Affiliates also urged Centrebet to do away with negative rollover, and Centrebet listened. Now, the company resets any negative commissions to zero at the start of the each new month to provide their affiliates with a clean slate.

"Our philosophy is to work in harmony with our affiliates," says Mr. Ciancio. "They’re not associates; they're team members. After all, their happiness leads to our success."


Read the company's news release here.