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CAP Adds Google Search to Site

May 27, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Here at CAP, the world’s largest and longest-running affiliate marketing directory for the online gaming industry, we’re kicking off a series of ambitious improvements to our site to maximize functionality and satisfaction for you, the members, affiliates, and webmasters who drive our industry.

The most recent of these new features is the integration of a new Google search bar on the main CAP website. Designed to significantly improve the search capabilities of the site’s extensive collection of industry news stories, press releases, affiliate marketing tools, advice pieces, and enormous user forum archives, the search bar is a Google-engineered tool, carefully engineered to deliver the best possible results to visitors.  

“We're happy to offer our community of almost ten thousand members an improved CAP experience,” stated Bob Rains, CAP’s Vice President of Marketing. “This will make navigating our extensive, resources-rich site easier than ever. And that makes for a more engaged affiliate community, which in turn will deliver improved performance for our many valued advertising partners.”
This improvement comes shortly after the announcement of a new advertising program with sharply reduced rates for its partners. And there’s more to come: A variety of other announcements is scheduled for the next several months. Our goal is to dramatically streamline the CAP experience to deliver even greater value and ROI for its clients, while making the site an even more popular destination for the thousands of affiliate marketers who visit it each day.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks!