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Candy Crush IPO in the Works

Candy Crush = Sweet Revenues

Candy Crush Saga publisher King  is in the process of filing for an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States.
According to a number of online reports, the company is looking to list on the tech-heavy Nasdaq exchange and could be worth as much as $5 billion. That’s good news for a company that’s been churning out games since 2003.
Though King has plenty of experience with traditional online and social games, it’s never seen anything like the success of the Candy Crush Saga. The Bejeweled-like game has an easy learning curve and, since its release in November 2012, has seen phenomenal growth.
In January of this year, King reported having 70 million active daily users (ADU) across all of its gaming platforms, including Candy Crush. By the middle of summer, that number had mushroomed up to 100 million ADU.
According to a recent article on, all that activity has translated into serious revenue. They’ve cited a report from Think Gaming that suggests the company is making as much as $850,000 a day from it 7.5 million ADU’s on the iOS platform alone.
Though Candy Crush is currently the most popular game on Facebook, having recently dethroned Farmville 2 for the honor, success on Wall Street is by no means a sure thing. Just look at the problems Farmville 2 creator Zynga has experienced since their IPO launched back in 2011.