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Canadian Wins $725K on NFL Bet

Canada Football
Thanks To Canadian Betting Laws, Player Wins Big!

A lucky Canadian man has won a lot of money from a single $5 wager placed on the infamous game played between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks two Mondays ago.
He won it on 15-for-15 ledger he placed on his sports ticket which he placed in a sealed envelope until after the game.
Thanks to the new federal laws in Canada on sports betting, Canadians are legally allowed to place bets on all major sports. Seattle did win the game, but it was over a controversial call made by the temporary replacement referees who ruled that Golden Tate had legitimately caught a Hail Mary touchdown pass even though the replay videos showed otherwise.
Gino DiFelice, who is from Ontario, claims his daughter and son “consulted him” on his betting decision with the $5 wager that won him an amazing $725,274 when the Seahawks won.
What’s makes this bet even more extraordinary is that he knew he had all of the 14 picks right after Sunday’s games.  Once he knew he was close to the big win, he couldn’t watch the final match and only caught the last 1:48 left in the game. Congratulations Gino!