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Canadian TV Profiles Online Gambling Entrepreneur

March 17, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – Calvin Ayre’s rags-to-riches online gambling story was recently profiled on Canadian TV news station CTV, highlighting not only Ayre’s impressive rise to Internet mogul from a pig farmer’s roots but also the larger story that the U.S. and Canadian governments are stifling a huge, multi-billion dollar industry.

“Ayre made his fortune from a business that U.S. officials consider illegal — Internet gambling,” the CTV website story that accompanied the TV special states. “In Canada, wagering online is also against the law unless the gaming websites are run by the provinces. But that hasn’t stopped millions of bettors from visiting the sites of intrepid Canadians like Ayre, leading the industry to a current estimated value of 16 billion dollars a year.”

The story paints Ayre as a shrewd businessman not only for building an online empire basically from scratch but also for limiting his involvement in the Internet betting business at the right time and restricting his travels to the U.S. — thus seeming to avoid the pitfalls that have ensnared other online gambling businessmen like BetOnSports’ David Carruthers. Ayre may not run the day-to-day betting at Bodog anymore, but he does profit on the licensing and branding from the site, which is considerable. The article even hints that the U.S. government may still have Ayre in its sites, though this seems unlikely.

The result is a story that should inspire any online gambling affiliate marketer with dreams of building a larger level of success and profit. “Ayre is also probably the most successful and charismatic Canadian entrepreneur that you’ve never heard about,” the story states, as it goes into impressive detail about the Bodog founder’s success story. Check it out here.