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Campaign launched to save ‘two fat ladies'

The Plain English Campaign is backing a fight in the UK to save the classic bingo caller's cry of ‘two fat ladies' amid fears that it could be scrapped for being sexist.

Almost 3,000 bingo fans have already registered their support for the unique designation for the number 88 at with the site's organisers hoping to rally at least 10,000 to their cause.

The campaign is the brainchild of Rob Hutchison, who became alarmed after hearing that the European Union had ordered a purge of everyday ‘gendered' terminology such as ‘right hand man' and ‘gentlemen's agreement'. He stated that it is only a matter time before legislators set their sights on bingo hall banter.

"The call of ‘two fat ladies' in bingo is part of our vernacular and our heritage," said Hutchison.

"It's worth sticking up for before we get some diktat from Brussels saying it's derogatory to overweight customers. At the end of the day, fat is fat. We're living in a PC world these days and I don't mean the computer store."

The call for the number 88 earned its nickname because it was said to resemble two women of a larger size stood next to each other. Hutchison fears that, if the European Union is successful with outlawing ‘two fat ladies', other bingo calls such as ‘dirty knees' for 33 and ‘legs eleven' could come under fire due to their sexual connotations.

"I'm sure any ladies of a larger size who go to bingo don't find it insulting but take it in the affectionate spirit in which it's meant," said Hutchison.

"What's the alternative; 'two generously proportioned people of either gender'? It's not very snappy. So this is a pre-emptive strike. Hopefully, if the forces of PC descend on our bingo halls we'll be able to say that the number in favour is far greater than the number complaining and we have the votes to prove it."