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Cake Poker Goes Mobile

April 27, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Following on a path recently trailblazed by Bodog, Cake Poker is now the second online poker platform to launch mobile gaming services. It has released a beta version of a new mobile application of its popular online poker software, several news services are reporting.  

Perhaps inspired by the runaway success of consumer-favorite smartphones like the iPhone and BlackBerry Storm, it seems that a select number of online gaming operators are understanding that mobile platforms are a huge and growing market, especially among young gamers.

How will this new platform mesh with affiliate marketing? Will it help entice players to try new sites, or will the introduction of a new platform make players harder to reach? That remains to be seen; but, it’s safe to say that those marketers looking for innovative ways to grab mobile gamers at this early stage will probably lead the pack later on.

Reports indicate that Cake Poker’s new mobile software must be used on a Windows Mobile 5.0 cell phone device. Check out this article on for more information.