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Cake Poker Allows Hand Tracking Software

All players in the Cake Poker Network are allowed to use hand tracking software at the tables, as of November 9. Even though many players are happy to hear that poker analysis software is permitted at the tables, many others are concerned with the “fairness” of online poker once this tool is allowed.
The Pros and Cons
Hand tracking software has been controversial since it first came out, it allows players to collect information on the hands they play in real time in order to review their patterns and improve their play. This means that a player can store everything about a hand on their computers and revisit the information at anytime, but also including all of their opponents’ hands. Whereas this is great for players to be able to learn from their mistakes, it is also a tool that allows them to record the mistakes of their opponents and learn how to play against them.
Also, bear in mind that not everyone has access to hand tracking software and that this puts a lot of players in great disadvantage as their opponents can get a substantial read on them and use it in the future without having to recall on who they are.
On an easing note, hand tracking software won’t record any information that isn’t made available to everyone at the table, for example if an opponent mucks their hand you won’t be able to see what those cards were. However, everything else (including bets, chip stacks, response time, pre-flop raise percentage, aggression factor, etc.) will be recorded and made available at your fingertips if you have the software.
The Controversy
Cake Poker recognizes that this can be a problem for a lot of their players, especially for those who like to play poker for fun and don’t take it as a serious activity that requires data recording for profitability. In their statement on November 9, Cake Poker Network also made players aware that they can change their screen names every 7 days to avoid being tracked by other players.
Even though serious poker players see this as an excellent tool to profit more at the tables, most of the players on the Cake Poker Network take poker as a hobby and might not be too happy about these changes. We are still to find out if it was a wise decision for Cake Poker to allow hand tracking software with this audience, as perhaps they are trying to diversify their population though none of this has been clarified by the network.
Do you do business with Cake Poker Network? Do you find hand-tracking software to be unfair? Share your thoughts with other players at the CAP forums!