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Bwin.Party Already Planning Further Expansion

In a recent FAQ written by bwin CEO Norbert Teufelberger to company shareholders regarding the imminent merger with PartyGaming, an idea of the goals the new company would pursue became clearer.

“Apart from the expected savings that we have already announced, will also have new growth opportunities, mainly due to the complementary nature of its products and market shares,” Teufelberger said, to no one’s surprise.

Ok, so, everybody already knows that the online casino industry is undergoing a period of consolidation, particularly in the UK, in the attempt to create larger online gambling companies with more market reach and earning potential. It’s the 21st Century hyper-capitalism model in effect in the online gambling world, and it would have happened years ago if not for UIGEA.

Nonetheless, it’s still interesting to hear the leader of bwin and PartyGaming — which will be the world’s largest publicly listed online gaming company once it’s successfully merged — spell out these goals directly.

“However, this move is also justified by the prospect of regulation of online gaming in many European countries and the USA.’s size will make it significantly easier to establish ourselves in new and regulated markets,” Teufelberger concludes.

It’s an interesting time to be in the Internet gambling industry. More info on how the financial world influences online gambling — and hence, casino affiliate marketing — in the CAP News archives.