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Bodog Seeking U.K. Licensing

Story has been removed due to inaccuracies. ND


September 25, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — Bodog group's high-profile founder Calvin Ayre, who announced his retirement mere months ago as Bodog's North American processing and branding difficulties mounted, was back in the news in Europe this week.

The U.K. newspaper The Guardian reported that Bodog has applied for an operating licence for the U.K. despite allegations that its substantial activities in the U.S. are criminal … and the article included an interview with whom the newspaper described as "Bodog's founder and boss, Calvin Ayre."

Ayre rejected the U.S. allegations, saying: "We have licences from sovereign governments to do what we do — that's how it works on every other industry on the planet." He did, however, admit that Bodog took bets from U.S. customers, but claimed the company did not "operate" there.

Ayre told The Guardian that U.K. licences would not necessarily be used to take British bets. He pointed out that Bodog already had an Antiguan licence, which it is using to establish a foothold in Europe.