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Black Friday: One Year Later

Black Friday One Year LaterLessons Learned

If the roller coaster ride of the last year has left you confused and weary, you’re not alone. The whole episode seems pretty bewildering, especially in light of the DOJ’s Christmas change of heart. So what’s the takeaway for gaming affiliates?

The biggest lesson from the last year is that, until it’s actually legal, online poker exists in a legal grey area. That means its susceptible to the whims of a legal system that’s not always sympathetic to the gambling industry. In that regard Black Friday is a good thing.

The new, legal, online poker industry will operate in the open and won’t have to rely on the sorts of payment shell games that drove the prosecutions in the first place. Gaming sites and affiliates shouldn’t have to worry about waking up next April 15 to find their livelihoods have disappeared into thing air.