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Bing Continues to Gain Search Engine Market Share

March 24, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – In the latest Nielson online marketing rankings, search engine Bing is shown to be continuing to gain on Google in market share, indicating that Microsoft’s search engine may, in the long run, be able to challenge the search engine giant, after all.

The news represents the third straight month of market share gains by Bing. Although it still trails Google significantly, the fact that it’s enjoying a constant increase in use bodes well for the search engine, and possibly for the concept of a more competitive Internet marketing landscape as well.

According to Nielson, the top five search engines are as follows:

1     Google Search     5,981,044     65.2%
2     Yahoo! Search     1,294,261     14.1%
3     MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search     1,142,364     12.5%
4     AOL Search     206,969     2.3%
5 Search     175,074     1.9%

Not everyone is convinced that this trend will continue, though. In a news release, Danny Shepherd, President of Titan SEO, explains: “We expect to see Bing’s market share continue to grow, but it is very unlikely it will maintain the same rate of growth every month. People are interested in checking out Bing and new Search Alliance, but most people who ‘Google’ will continue to search that way.”

Click here to read Titan SEO’s news release, and click here to view the original report from Nielson.