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Bing Adding Change History Graph Tool

Are beefed up analytics Bing’s best shot at competing with Google? That’s what Microsoft officials are hoping as they roll out their new Change History Graph on the backend of the world’s second largest search engine.

The new analytic tool allows Bing advertisers to easily track how various changes have impacted the performance of their advertising. Though it’s hardly a groundbreaking piece of technology, it’s definitely a tool that end-users will both use and appreciate.

in an announcement on the official Bing blog, senior Microsoft Programmer Young Shi said:

We’re excited to announce the pilot of the Change History Graph, a progressive approach to campaign analysis that visually connects your actions to your performance. Use this tool for quick visual insight into the effectiveness of your optimization efforts, and then invest in what’s working for you and correct or eliminate what isn’t.

We expect this feature to significantly reduce the time you spend analyzing your campaign, so you can spend it optimizing the results instead.

Change History Graph includes a number of features including:

  • Mouse over data points.
  • Multiple filtering options.

Early reports indicate that Bing’s Change History Graph is easy-to-use and very effective. Ease-of-use is something that both Google and Bing can seriously improve and this is Bing’s chance to shine.

Change History Graph is currently available as a pilot program and anyone interested in participating should contact Bing representatives directly.

Will beefed up analytics help Bing compete with Google, or is that just asking too much? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.