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Betting On The 2012 World Series

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The World Series Is Coming Soon; Place Your Bets!

Major League Baseball has been one of America’s favorite pastimes and a summer tradition for over 100 years.  Americans love to bet a few dollars on their favorite baseball teams and maybe even go watch them at any one of the major US ballparks.

Betting on MLB is also one the top activities for betting during the spring months.  After summer, as the season heads into the fall, the season starts to wind down and is commonly known as the “Fall Classic.”

The top teams from both the American League Championship Series and the  (ALCS) and National League Championship Series (NLCS) will head to the playoffs and play in a best of 7 series.  The final round is called the World Series where the winners of the MLB All-Star game will have home field advantage.

Certain teams will also have more betting action on them, as the leagues most popular teams will have a large fan base and thus generate more interest in their playoff progress.

The Details On Baseball Betting

Betting on baseball can be different than other major sports and revolves around the “Money Line”.  Since you’re betting mainly on the money line, it’s pretty simple and all your team has to do is win the game and the bettor wins too.  One of the most popular betting options is the “20 Cent line.”

Sportsbooks will use the 20 Cent line to attract bettors but the result is that it minimizes the profits for players and maximizes the losses for the books.  Sportsbooks will also offer an adjusted line or “softline” and that is a line that has been adjusted for the betting action, which may be heavy on one side.

The big teams like the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox are the main teams that are commonly bet upon heavily in the offseason.  There are also a lot of games over the season, so bettors can be placing wagers for quite some time; on a typical spring day there can be up to 15 games being played.

Sportsbooks can take advantage of the long season providing weekly promotions and consistently developing incentives to keep people betting as the World Series draws closer. Affiliates should check out the best paying affiliate programs for the sportsbook niche by checking out promotions from our operators in the CAP directory.

Who Will Win The World Series?

Right now as it stands this week the Texas Rangers 9/2 and the Cincinnati Reds 13/2 are the favorites at the Sportsbooks. The defending Champions are also among the favorites for next season and trading and movements of players can really change the way professional bettors analyze the season.

It’s best for bettors to play at Sportsbooks that offer the true “Dime Line” as they will get best value for the betting dollar. There are essentially four ways of betting baseball and that includes Action, Listing Both Pitchers, Listing Your Pitcher, and Listing the Opponents Pitcher.

If you want to be serious about betting and winning on the World Series, do your homework on the teams/players and then follow their progress closely.