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Barney Frank's Online Gambling Bill Stalled Again

September 18, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Barney Frank’s bill to legalize and regulate online gambling, H.R. 2267: The Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, is unlikely to be voted upon this month, the PPA (Poker Players Alliance) told Card Player magazine earlier this week.

“The feedback we got was that it’s unlikely that we will hold a hearing in September; however, the door is not closed on that,” said PPA Executive Director John Pappas.

Another poker-related bill that delays the implementation of the UIGEA – more important than ever given the government’s escalating war against online gambling funds – remains on track, however. The PPA is hopeful that this second bill will receive a vote before September is over.

“Quite honestly, the preference of the PPA is to move [H.R. 2266] sooner rather than later, and not wait until October,” Pappas told Card Player. “We believe that the bill as it stands right now faces some opposition if it’s a simple delay. However, we’re working with the opposition to see if a compromise could be drafted.”

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