Banner Ads Mostly Ignored: Report

A recent report by online research firm Harris Interactive states that 63 percent of people completely ignore the ads they see on the Internet.

“Although the digital space is considered to be a great place to target and reach consumers, when adults were asked which type of ads do they tend to ignore or disregard the most, over six in ten say Internet ads (63%),” the report states. “Among those who ignore Internet ads, two in five say they ignore banner ads (43%) the most and one in five say they ignore search engine ads (20%) the most.”

Shockingly, that means that more people ignore Internet ads than television ads — just 14 percent of all people ignore TV ads, the report says.

This breaks down a bit by age and education levels, but the result is still the same: It’s hard to get people to pay attention to those banner ads. And as affiliate marketers who rely greatly on banners to drive conversions, that can be a problem.

But it’s not a lost cause, the report explains. “Rather, companies looking to effectively reach consumers may just need to educate themselves and tailor their messages — as well as their chosen medium — to best appeal to the desired group.”

That makes sense; casino affiliate marketing is all about niche marketing. That is, you’re targeting people already interested in gambling online, and they’ll likely be much more open to the ads on your site than a casual visitor who happens upon your site randomly.

What Can Casino Affiliates Do?

Still, this is news that must be considered. If so many people, particularly young people, are accustomed to tuning out online ads entirely, how can you set up your site and affiliate banner ads to get through to them? For starters, be creative in your design, layout, and content: Make sure that ads make sense where they’re positioned, and that they flow with the content (meaning that your content, whether it’s a blog, article, even your home page copy, references the ads and directs visitors to them).

It’s a battle to win the attention of online visitors, but with smart content and design, you can make your affiliate ads more noticeable, and drive better conversions in the process.