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Top Tips for Avoiding Bad Link Exchanges

Link exchanges are a core SEO technique that have come under heavy scrutiny recently thanks the latest Google algorithm updates. There’s no telling how long this method is going to be a worthwhile pursuit for amping up page rankings. But until anyone hears otherwise, it’s probably a good time take a look at all your existing link exchanges and and carefully consider any new ones.

Whether you’re a link exchange newbie or you’ve been doing it since the link farm days, here are a few tips to help you avoid bad link exchanges.

Watch the Company You Keep
It wasn’t that long ago that bigger was better when it came to link exchanges and no one cared much about the quality of the sites involved in the exchange. Today, thanks to Google’s increasing emphasis on quality and authority, the company you keep matters more than ever. Exchanging links with low quality sites can seriously impact your own sites, so choose your partners wisely.

Seriously, Watch the Company You Keep
Link exchanges, especially paid link exchanges, have long been fertile ground Internet scammers. Before entering into any kind exchange, check out a few industry forum to make certain that your new link partner is on the up and up. A few minutes of research can save you the kind of headaches that this CAP member ran into.

Internet relationships can be very informal, but you still need to nail down details. Don’t be afraid to ask potential link exchange partners very specific questions about where, and how long, your links will be up. Some webmasters stick exchanged links in obscure corner of their site where spiders will have a tough time finding them.

And speaking of research…
It would be nice if we could take everyone on their word that their sites rank well for particular keywords, but we can’t. Check out these sites you’re linking with for yourself to be sure they really do rank as well as advertised. This is something you should be doing no matter how many site you’ve entered into exchanges with.

Follow Up
Even if you’re feeling very comfortable with your new link exchange partner, you still need to check up them from time to time. Make certain that your links are kept up on the pages they’re supposed to be on for the length of time they’re supposed to be there. Some less-than-reputable sites removed links after a short time to help their own SEO efforts. There’s nothing wrong about making certain your business partner is living up to his or her end of the bargain.

Google has made it clear that link networks and exchanges are on their radar, so there’s never been a better time than now to start building better link networks.

How do you avoid bad link exchanges? Let us know on our Casino Link Exchange Forum.