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An Alternative Approach to Online Gambling

March 15, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – One of the world’s longest-running online gambling websites, Intertops, has announced a creative way to expand online gambling to include the popular U.S. lottery Powerball, letting players win money on the popular lottery drawing without actually buying a ticket.

Representing one of the more creative takes on online betting, the site lets players wager on whether or not the next Powerball drawing (as of this writing, on 17 March) will be an odd or even number, and also lets players bet on what that number will be. The upshot is that gamers can casually bet on the Powerball lottery without actually playing Powerball. It’s a clever way to bring a game to the Internet without actually signing any sort of partnership with the state-run system that offers Powerball.

Intertops’ “entertainment” page on which this bet can be found is fairly lighthearted, and certainly not one of Intertops’ central online betting pages. Plus, with questions like “Will George W. Bush be the first human on Planet Mars?” on the table, it may not be the serious gambler’s first choice in betting destinations. Still, for online gambling affiliate marketers looking to offer alternatives to the traditional online casino and Internet poker options, there could be a nice marketing angle here, and an effective way to reach out to online gamblers seeking something different. 

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