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AceRevenue and ReferIncome Achieve CAP Community Certification

June 7, 2010 (CAP News Wire) – After the latest month-long round of affiliate voting, Ace Revenue and ReferIncome are the latest CAP Listed Programs to be granted CAP Community Certified status.

In recognition, these online gambling affiliate programs will receive an exclusive seal to display on their home pages, and have been announced as certified on the CAP home page, where they’ll also receive a special highlighted feature.

The first such purely affiliate-driven process in the online gaming industry, CAP’s Community Certification was launched earlier in 2010 as a new system in which affiliates have the power to certify or deny certification to CAP Listed Programs (online gambling affiliate programs that are clients of, and listed on, the website).

“Certification is awarded to those programs that receive a minimum of an 80 percent approval rating as a result of this voting; the programs that accomplish this will be rewarded with a seal to display on their websites, and they will also be highlighted separately on the website,” company officials have stated. “Those programs that fail to reach this level of approval will be allowed to resubmit for certification at a later date.”

To be considered for Community Certification, affiliate programs must have been established for a minimum of six months, and must have a dedicated affiliate manager that works with the CAP community. If these criteria are met, and the company requests certification, the program is then submitted to the community for voting.

For more details on CAP Community Certification, please click here. To vote for this month’s affiliate programs up for community certification, please click here.