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Absolute Poker Software Platform Seized from DOJ

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DOJ Keeps On The Pressure And Takes Over The AP Software.

The Department of Justice has now recently seized the actual software platform right from the Korean development company that created, serviced and maintained the platform.

As first reported by American Gambling News who obtained a copy of the software right from the Korean developers.    But the Koreans are now staying as far away as Quad Dimensions CEO Young Jae “Christian” Lee adamantly confirming that they no longer have any connection to the now defunct company as they too were left with nothing once Absolute Poker was shut down on Black Friday.

But that doesn’t stop the overall pursuit as the US Attorney’s office continues investigating Absolute Poker’s owners group, Avoine Servico de Consultadoria e Marketing for a series of offenses.

The DOJ has big plans now on making even more money from the company by selling the software platform and the database that comes with it.  Sounds like they will be using the money to clear up some of the legitimate claims against Avoine in the process.

The problem is that most of the gaming experts seriously doubt whether the seized software is of any value on the open market now since there have been absolutely no new improvements.