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Online Poker in Kentucky Being Debated

January 27, 2010 (CAP Newswire) — It’s the case that just won’t seem to end: The Kentucky government’s attempt to seize 141 online gambling-related domain names in late 2008 is still playing out in the courts.

Many in the online gambling industry (and the state itself) believed that this week would see a decision being made by the Kentucky’s Supreme Court. But, as of yet, no final decision has been made, and reports now indicate that the decision won’t come until March — if then.

It’s a good sign for the online gambling industry, since the most recent verdict by a Kentucky appeals court was that the domain name seizure was unlawful. The fact that the higher court is taking so long to decide which way to go on this issue, however, is a bit less encouraging.

All this is happening in the wake of this week’s decision by Kentucky lawmakers to not allow an expansion of land-based gambling in casinos and state racetracks. So, as much as the Kentucky governor is vilified in this issue because of his seemingly hypocritical take on gambling, it’s important to note that some legislators in the state are consistent in their opposition to online gambling. (The real question, however, would be: What do the voters think?)