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97 Percent of Americans Want Legal Online Gambling, Says Poll

June 4, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Yesterday, we linked to a recent story ran by leading American news magazine U.S. News & World Report that offered an analysis of the great debate over Barney Frank's quest to fully legalize online gambling in the U.S.

As part of that feature, U.S. News & World Report also submitted to readers an online poll asking whether or not Americans really wanted online gambling legalized, or whether this was simply an issue manufactured by the politicians (as so many are).

The result was not only yes, it was an overwhelming yes. As of Thursday, June 4, at the close of business in the U.S., a whopping 91.17 percent of those polled said “Yes” to the question “Should Online Gambling Be Legalized?” Only 8.83 percent voted “No”.

Of course, polls such as these can be innacurate, and can be manipulated by either side without too much effort. All the same, when a leading news magazine like this, operating on the national and international levels, gets such a strong reaction to a controversial issue, it’s a sign that there really is a consensus out there.

It seems that U.S. citizens are finally fed up with the government restricting their online activities. Hopefully, lawmakers will get the idea and overturn the disastrous UIGEA regulations once and for all.

And when that happens, online gaming affiliates — in the U.S. and abroad — can most likely expect to see a surge in revenue that will probably be unlike anything this industry has ever seen before.  

Click here to view the poll results at the U.S. News & World Report website.