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9 Tips for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is one of those social networks Google just loves indexing, so having a good profile on the popular site is a mission critical assignment these days.  If you’re looking to maximize LinkedIn’s SEO and networking magic, here are a few tips you can start using right away.

1. Rebuild Your Backlinks –  LinkedIn gives users three free backlinks on their profile and that’s a pretty good deal in the age of Penguin. Just go to the Profile section of your account, select Websites and Edit and enjoy a rare opportunity to grab some high quality links.

2. Integrate LinkedIn into Your Social Strategy – Social networks do not exist in a vacuum and neither should your presence on them. Don’t be shy about using your presence on one social network to funnel traffic to another. The more social shares you grab along the way, the better off you’ll be.

3. Find Quality Freelancers – LinkedIn is the go-to site for professional networking so it’s not surprising to find the place is crawling with freelance workers of every type. The big attraction here is that LnkedIn allows its members to post up recommendation letters from their clients. This makes finding the right person for your next project a lot easier.

4. Remember Where You Are – Facebook is the place to post up vacation photos and get in touch with high school buddies. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is more professional than social. Anything you post on this site reflects on your professional persona, so think twice before you add new content here. (And try to think at least once before posting on Facebook.)

5. Establish Yourself in the Industry – Maintaining a prominent presence on LinkedIn can definitely raise your profile in the industry. Interacting with other professionals in your industry by answering questions on LinkedIn is great for business (and will make your next trade show a lot more fun.)

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6. Use LinkedIn as a Home Base – Free LinkedIn presentation tools like SlideRocket allow users to make very professional presentations that show off their brand. As we’ll see, this can come in very handy for landing LinkedIn-related conversions.

7. Re-purpose Content – This isn’t necessarily the place for Top Poker Bonuses, but it’s definitely a good place for showing off some of your meatier content, especially videos. Not only does it put you in front of industry leaders, there’s some obvious SEO value, too.

8. Optimize Your Profile – You don’t want to overdo it, but LinkedIn is the perfect place for connecting your business with the keywords you love. A LinkedIn profile can legitimately be stuffed with keywords the same way that a resume might be.

9. Go Whale Hunting – Gaming sites don’t get lots of chances to mingle with the executive crowd and other big money types, but LinkedIn gives them that chance. According to a recent Consumer Electronics report, just about half of all LinkedIn users have a household income of over $100,000.