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888 Profits Up, Signs Wynn Deal

888 Holdings is enjoying the kind of hot streak its dream of this month with the announcement of a new deal with Wynn and some through the roof profits. Both stories point to the emergence of 888 as major player in the wide open American online gambling market.

By the looks of things, 888 employees in Nevada and new Jersey are going to be very in the months ahead. This weekend the company announced that the company’s All American Poker Network (AAPN) would be providing services to the Wynn Resorts’ American online poker operations.
The company has already inked deals with Caesars Interactive for their Nevada and New Jersey products. 888 is also preparing to dip into the New Jersey market on its own, though details on how that’s doing to work are not yet available.
All this wheeling and dealing has been very good for 888’s bottom line. In the first half of 2013 company earnings were up 205% over the previous year. Most of that growth was focused on the casino and poker side of the business. (Though sports betting accounts for just 2% of the company’s earnings today, it’s an area they’re focusing on in a big way.)
Though 888 is pushing for growth on almost every front, American online poker is clearly its prized target. The AAPN is set to be the crown jewel of that effort and will likely be a key component in the company’s stateside standalone efforts. (Which will also include Nevada.)
Company CEO, Brian Mattingley has made it clear that 888 plans on planting its flag in any US State that offers legal online gambling. 888 casino affiliates, stay tuned on this development.
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