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7 Landing Page Tests You Can Run

Being an affiliate means that you must master both sides of the barricade, so to speak, which are: (1) find effective ways to drive people to your site, and (2) convince them to convert.

The latter is exactly what we’re discussing today – how to use a landing page by introducing these 7 tests to improve your landing page conversion rate.


1. Headlines

Headlines are the #1 thing to test. Although they are just one of many factors why your offer will convert or not, they are one of the most important, if not THE most important one.

For example, in the traditional publishing world (newspapers and such), a good headline accounts for 80% of the publication’s success.

A good place to start is to run two separate headlines at the same time and see which brings better results (statistically significant results).

2. Calls To Action

No surprise here either…

In short, your call to action is the last thing people will hear/see before clicking your buy button or affiliate link. It’s no wonder why a proper call to action is of crucial importance.

Here are some of the things you can test:

  • Copy – the anchor text of your link or the text on your button.
  • Colors – for buttons.
  • Size of buttons.
  • Shape of buttons.
  • Placement.

You can start by picking just one parameter from the list above and running it alongside your primary call to action.

3. Features VS Benefits

Benefits are believed to be more valuable than features in affiliate marketing and actually, in any other form of online marketing too. But are they?

This all depends on the market and the niche you’re in. When the niche is one of the more commonly recognized by people, then the features might be a better choice than the benefits.

For example, if you’re promoting a new TV set, you don’t need to talk about “cinema-like experience.” Instead, you can simply say that it has a 60” screen and everyone will get the same message anyway.

Test this by creating two versions of your copy: one focusing on the features, and the other on the benefits.

4. Long Pages VS Short Pages

The battle between long form copy and short form copy is one of those everlasting things in internet marketing and you can never know which is better in your situation until you actually test it out.

This can be a bit costly though. If you want to test long copy vs. short copy you obviously need two completely separate versions of copy (and they both have to be quality ones), which will increase the cost of launching your landing page significantly.

However, in the end, this kind of move can surely be worth the investment.

5. Price Points And Plans

Whenever there’s the possibility of offering different versions of the affiliate product that you’re promoting, make sure to do it.

Depending on your audience, some people might be more inclined to select cheaper offers than the more expensive ones. In other scenarios, the situation can be the opposite.

The best way is to, again, run two offers next to each other.

6. Test Designs

These days, testing various site designs is easier than ever. You can simply grab two different WordPress themes and enable them both at the same time with a plugin like SES Theme Split Test.

Also, you can test individual aspects of a single design. For example, things like:

  • Sidebar on the left or on the right.
  • Sidebar or no sidebar at all.
  • Big header or small header, etc.

7. Testimonials VS Credibility Boosters

A big part of your audience will simply not believe that you’re a credible source at first. You can change that by displaying either testimonials from people who have previously bought from you or credibility boosters like “as seen on blocks,” security badges and so on.

Or, you can do both.

But what will most likely work is to test all three approaches thoroughly. Again, you can prepare three versions of your landing page and run them against each other.

Finally, what are you currently doing to improve your landing pages?