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7 Deuce Hold 'em Cash Tables at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker are Doling out Added Dollars

August 3, 2009 — (CAP PR Wire), 7 Deuce Hold ‘em at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker launched to the resounding cries of “All of a sudden, I love poker again”, and “F_ _k yeah, let’s gamble!” Yesterday, online poker players switched on to the leading poker rooms to discover the revamped online version of Texas Hold’em, known as 7 Deuce Hold ‘em, that guarantees all the action, more bluffs and side pots that players of the terrestrial 7-2 prop bet have come to expect – and they weren’t disappointed.

To sit down at a 7 Deuce table, every player must contribute a side bet ranging from 1.5 times to double the Big Blind, depending upon whether it’s a 4-6 or a 9 player No Limit Hold ‘em (NLHE) Table.  The 7 Deuce side bet is paid out whenever a player wins a hand with 7-2 in his or her hole cards.

But if the adrenaline rush of winning with 7-2 isn’t enough incentive to get in on the 7 Deuce action, be aware that it can now earn you more than bragging rights and a mega-fat side pot. UltimateBet and Absolute Poker have upped the ante yet again with the introduction of a 15-day $27,500 7 Deuce Leaderboard competition that has raised the bar on rivalries already at play at their online poker cash tables.

So, if you’re on the hunt for loads more action and rewards from Texas Hold’em, the innovative 7 Deuce version of the game has the ultimate answer. With the 7 Deuce Leaderboard, every time you win a hand of Hold ‘em at a 7 Deuce table with 7-2 as your hole cards, you also earn a point. From August 2nd through August 16th, the top ten point earners each day will pocket a share of the Daily Leaderboard cash, with $500 per day allocated for low stakes players*, and a solid $1000 per day set aside for high stakes* players.

But the added value doesn’t stop there. Keep the competitive edge rolling for the entire two-week 7 Deuce Leaderboard period, and you could have a real shot at the Final Leaderboard prizemoney. Players can qualify for a $5,000 Leaderboard Freeroll simply by being one of the top 100 cumulative points earners in either the Low Stakes or High Stakes categories.

Check out UltimateBet and Absolute Poker to experience what all the buzz is about and you’ll quickly find out that the 7 Deuce Leaderboard Competitions have the extra sting guaranteed to get your heart racing. So, exercise your best bluff to take down a pot with the worst hand in poker, and you’ll not only win the side pot with “the hammer”, but you’ll also be in the running to pocket a dash more cash that your bankroll will be grateful for. It’s a no-brainer.

So, leave the standard playbook at the door, enter with the “no guts, no glory” attitude, and get ready to crush the table with the worst hand in poker. The challenge is definitely on.

Enjoy the CEREUS advantage when you play at one of two leading online poker rooms, and discover the exciting new world of 7 Deuce Hold ‘em, now online ONLY at and

*Low Stakes Category = $0.10/$0.25; $0.25/$0.50; $0.50/$1; $1/$2             High Stakes Category = $2/$4; $3/$6; $5/$10; $10/$20 & up

About Absolute Poker:
Absolute Poker is part of the CEREUS poker network and is dedicated to providing players from around the world with an online poker game experience that is second to none. Players worldwide can access Absolute Poker online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any PC or Mac and experience the best multi-player game online poker has to offer. Absolute Poker is committed to remaining the most trusted and best online poker experience, created by poker players for poker players.

About UltimateBet:
Designed with the assistance of the best poker players in the world – Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke – UltimateBet provides the best poker games available on the net through the CEREUS poker network. Players can download the free poker software, play in free ring games and tournaments and get tips from the pros to learn the sport or to enhance their playing strategy.

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