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€330k Online Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

November 9, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Not long ago, the Bad Beat jackpot on GTECH G2’s International Poker Network topped the €330,000 mark — and as of today, it’s still climbing. Affiliates looking for a good way to bring in poker players might want to consider publicizing this fact.  

“We boosted the jackpot last week so that the next winner would get at least €100,000,” said Per Karlsson, Head of Poker GTECH G2. “The last time our Bad Beat jackpot was hit was shortly after it topped €400K so I have a feeling it won’t be long before we’re making another player feel better about losing with a winning hand!”

Just a few months ago, this Bad Beat Jackpot was hit for €412,000. “That winner wasn’t even aware he’d won it until someone else at the table pointed it out to him,” according to a news release from IPN. “He thought he’d just lost the pot despite having a great hand, which is frustrating for any poker player.”

The International Poker Network features some of the world’s most popular online poker destinations, including Poker Heaven (click here for affiliate program details). For more details on the jackpot and on how your players can qualify, click here.