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GamArena Ab is the Nordic company that owns and operates the GamArena p2p skill games network - recognizedas the Next Generation of p2p skill games. Since its launch in June 2006, the GamArena network has become the fastest growing skill games network in Europe including b2b distribution partners such as Bwin and PAF. GamArena provides such partners with:
The highest quality p2p skill games available.
Integrated and fully managed solutions.
Highly customized front-ends with full marketing support.
Support of 20 languages.
The most advanced development roadmap in the sector.
The games operated by GamArena Ab include Backgammon, Black Jack, Solitaire, Golf Hole-In-One, 8-Ball Pool and 3-Card Poker. Altogether, there are 17 unique and licensed games available within the GamArena network in single and multiplayer formats.



Andrew Pegler,
Managing Director,
GamArena AB