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This Week: Check out the Beta-Version of MyCAP! Plus, an all-new CAP TV, a UIGEA update, great new promotions, & more
Louis Fabiano aka The Professor Introducing MyCAP!
The social networking revolution has come to CAP! We're very proud to unveil MyCAP, a new affiliate marketing social network that gives you a more interactive way to blog, share photos and videos, discuss affiliate issues, or just chat with fellow CAP members. The service is only in Beta-Version form, but we still welcome all CAP members to try it out. And here's what's really cool: If you're a CAP member, you already have an account! Check it out here!


CAP TV Tackles Cardspike Controversy
This week, we take on the PAP/Cardspike controversy, offer a quick update of the Kentucky domain name situation, and more. Watch it now!

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"Midnight" U.S. Regulations to be Reversed?

UIGEA Watch: Bush Administration Regulations May Be Reversed
A recent story in the New York Times has the industry speculating that the Bush administration's controversial "midnight push" to put regulations like UIGEA into effect before leaving office may be swiftly overturned by the incoming Democratic majority. And the banking industry has its sights set on getting the confusing and backwards-thinking Internet gambling restrictions nullified as quickly as possible, according to the article. Read more here.

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The CAP Magazine: News, Tips, Advice, and Exclusive Features -- for FREE!
If you're not taking the time to browse through the CAP Magazine, you're missing out. The latest issue features a ton of great features, including search engine tips, interviews with marketing experts, news updates, and much more. Best of all, it's FREE! Sign up for the print edition here, or click here to read it on the CAP site.

CAP Audits a Success

First CAP Audit a Success
CAP is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its first CAP Audit. Designed to help the CAP community determine whether CAP Certified Partners are living up to their promises to affiliates, this first CAP Audit of Rome Casino shows strong promise for the future. More details coming soon!

Affiliates to Benefit from Google UK AdWords Policy
January 13, 2009 (InfoPowa News)
The liberating move last year by Google UK that saw the opening of AdWords bidding to online gambling companies has been extended ... Read more

eCOGRA Extends Monitoring Services
January 14, 2009 (InfoPowa News)
eCOGRA has extended its independent testing, standards and monitoring services to cover Internet bingo, sportsbetting, and live gambling  ... Read more

Kentucky Ruling Will be "Unenforceable"
January 8, 2009
Although a final ruling is anticipated to be still weeks away, the attempt of the state of Kentucky's governor Steve Beshear to seize 141 domains ...  Read more

HollywoodPoker Focuses on New Offerings
January 12, 2009
HollywoodPoker is working hard to make sure its site is more player-friendly than ever in 2009, according to a pair of high-profile new releases issued ... Read more

Bleak November for Nevada Land Casinos
January 13, 2009 (InfoPowa News)
The Nevada state Gaming Control Board issued its latest statistics casinos Friday. Winnings dropped almost 15 percent in November  ... Read more


CAP Money
Congrats to Triple 777s, this week's CAP Money winner for the Forum thread "Explanation on Mircogaming’s decision to ban progressives from USA players??" Click here to read it.

Poll Of The Week
The CAP Poll of the Week: "What are you looking for when you pick an affiliate program?" by AlexAR. Vote, or check out the poll results, here.

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March 21 - 28, 2009
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