CAP Newsletter - (December 17th 2008)
Attempts to Censor Online Gambling Multiply
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This Week: Recap of Last Week's iGaming Legal Battles, Plus, a New Online Marketing Article from SEO Guru Bob Rains
Louis Fabiano aka The Professor Bob Rains Q&A: Online Marketing Tips from an Industry Pro
Every other Monday, CAP publishes an exclusive Q&A with Internet marketing expert Bob Rains to provide an insider's perspective on how to create marketing plans that work in today's online marketplace. This week, Bob talks about the value of list-building ("the conversions ... are seldom worthy of the time and cost") and how much attention you should be paying to your online marketing ROI ("the value of marketing is in its ability to help you implement a strategy"). Check it out here, and remember to send in any questions you have to  


CAP TV: iGaming Under Fire Internationally
Recent news out of Norway and Australia suggests that the U.S. isn't the only country interested in outlawing Internet gambling. CAP TV explores this situation in our latest video. Plus, updates from the Professor, news on CAP Euro London, and much more. Watch it now!

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International iGaming Censorship

International Censorship on the Rise
In the past week, two high-profile nations have taken steps to outlaw Internet gambling. First, Norway defied its own progressive reputation to pass its own UIGEA. Then, Australia's Internet censorship movement set its sights on online gambling. On top of that, China continues to crack down on all gambling, while Mexico sends its own mixed messages. Although these difficulties haven't stopped high-profile companies from expanding into new markets like Sweden, Italy, and the Middle East, a disturbing trend is emerging. As more countries follow the U.S.'s lead in banning online activity, can online operators simply keep moving to friendlier countries? Or does the industry need to consolidate and take a worldwide political stand -- before it's too late? Let us know what you think

The Great Kentucky iGaming Controversy

Kentucky Appeal Hearing Inconclusive
When Kentucky introduced its plan to seize 141 online poker domain names last summer, many in the industry immediately lined up to oppose the action. However, more than three months later, the situation is still unresolved, with Kentucky judges ruling that the state was acting within its rights despite dozens of professional legal objections from groups like the PPA, iMEGA, and the ACLU. Late last week, the state conducted an appeals hearing on the case. Click here to read about it.

CAP Learning Center - Better than Ever!

Focus on: CAP Learning Center
In case you haven't checked it out recently, the CAP Learning Center has been upgraded and redesigned, and is now more frequently updated with the kind of content that's useful to you, the affiliate marketers who make our industry thrive. In addition to a bi-weekly online marketing Q&A with Bob Rains, we've added a number of new categories to provide the specific info you need to succeed. Check it out here.

End in Sight for Swedish Monopoly?
December 16, 2008 (InfoPowa News)
Sweden's state-owned Svenska Spel gambling monopoly may find itself at the center of some dramatic policy changes if Swedish authorities ... Read more

Internet Player Breaks the $5 Million Barrier
December 11, 2008 (InfoPowa News)
The motto of the famed SAS special forces unit ("Who Dares, Wins") comes to mind when reading about Internet poker ace Tom "durrr" Dwan ... Read more

Kentucky Domains Appeal Heard
December 15, 2008 (InfoPowa News)
As expected, there was no immediate decision on the iMEGA and IGC vs. Kentucky hearing in that state's Appeals Court ... but the good news is ... Read more

Euro-Football Wants Sports Police
December 14, 2008 (InfoPowa News)
UEFA president Michel Platini has some pretty strong views about the impact of betting on sports, which he voiced on Friday in Athens when ... Read more

Email Campaign Shows Need for Oversight
December 14, 2008 (InfoPowa News)
The absolute necessity of having promo and advertising copy vetted by a senior manager before it is inflicted on the public was illustrated again ... Read more

Domain Name Strategy Draws Attention
December 14, 2008 (InfoPowa News)
Online poker sleuth Nat Arem, now famous for his contribution to uncovering major online poker cheating scams, has been on the investigative ... Read more


CAP Money
Congrats to cowboy, this week's CAP Money winner for bringing "Googlewashing" to the community's attention. Click here to read it.  

Poll Of The Week
This week, GamTrak asks the CAP community, "What Anti-Virus software protection do you use?" Vote, or check out the poll results, here.

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