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 Letter From the Professor - September 3, 2008

Politics, Politics, Politics!
After months and months (and months) of pregame activities, we're now finally in the heart of the presidential election season
. This week, the Republicans are holding their national convention in St. Paul, following a hectic, historic week in which the Democratic National Convention took the Denver area by storm.


And next week, when these conventions are over, there will be two more months of intense campaigning before Americans hit the polls on November 4 to decide who will be the next president.


As you know, we at CAP have taken a direct interest in this election -- and all politics -- in large part because of UIGEA, the 2006 legislation that basically ended all U.S.-based online gaming. Will the Democrats have the ability (or motivation) to overturn the UIGEA? Will Republicans ever figure out that this kind of legislation goes directly against their often-repeated "government out of our personal lives" mantra? Can either party be enticed to change UIGEA?


It's far too early to tell, but we have a good feeling about Obama and his mandate for change (as well as the Democrats' overall progressive attitude). As you'll see below, some Forum posters agree with us. If you have anything  to chime in, check out the CAP Money link below to find where you can voice your opinions. We'd love to know what you think.



Football Season Brings Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

As football season starts to heat Up, so does the sportsbook affiliate market. Is your plan ready to handle all the football bettors?'s Roddy Maddox lays out a good game plan. Read it here



Partner Promotions and Special Offers:

Two New Promotions from LuckyAcePartners:

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Starting December, the RevShare will be permanently set to 30% for all who sign up during this period (that's still 5% higher than the normal rate). This offer is only for new affiliates who are not already members at 

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Community Forum

CAP Money


Congrats to the Latest CAP Money Award Winner
This week’s winner of an gift certificate or Paypal Cash for $125 is Captain for the thread "Please Support and Vote for Barack/Biden 2008". Check it out at

You can win CAP Money too. This is a weekly contest open to all CAP members. Check out the details here.

Poll of the Week
Three great new forum entries are this week's Polls of the Week:

"What is typically your best performing month of the year?" by Renee:

"How was August?" by Dominique:

"Do You All Gamble Online Yourselves?" by james:


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In The News


CryptoLogic Sees Success in Asia

Mahjong Time gains access to 50 per cent of China's Internet cafes. Read More


Internet Poker Star in Hot Water

Multi-accounting is never acceptable ...  Read More


Caution Issued for Online Gambling Site

Player has difficulty withdrawing from Maharajah merry-go-round. Read More


Bodog Updates

As more info and speculation about Bodog his the news pages, the CAP community shares their own personal experiences with the company. Read More


Manager's Corner

Shay Ness

Shay N., LuckyAcePartners

Shay has been in the affiliate marketing industry for more than four years, joining the world of online gaming in 2005. A former affiliate, Shay carries the hands-on knowledge and experience necessary to provide the level of service needed in the ever-more-professional world of online marketing.

Shay joined LuckyAcePartners in its early stages, and took part in the pre-launch efforts to bring the first ever full white label of 888 on-air in January 2008.

Preferring friendlier and closer relations over "cold", official business contacts, Shay tells us that he is "basically online 24/7 and very responsive via messenger software, phone, or email."

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