CAP Newsletter - (August 10th 2007)
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 Letter From the Professor - August 10, 2007

 Affiliate SpeedPay Provides a Reliable Offshore Payment Solution for Webmasters

We are proud to announce the launch of a new payment solution that was designed from the ground up to satisfy the needs of affiliate webmasters from around the world. Affiliate SpeedPay is backed by a major EU bank in Cyprus and will be fully supported by CAP as a certified program. The benefits to affiliates and operators are numerous. They include:

For Affiliates:

  • You receive a real offshore bank account with complete functionality. The bank is a fully licensed EU financial services provider and secure.
  • Monies can be transferred to your current bank accounts from your Affiliate SpeedPay account and it will not reflect as a gaming transaction. It’s a personal transfer from an account you own!
  • You will receive a Visa Debit Card for ATM cash withdrawals up to $10,000 per day.
  • Your new Visa card can be used at over 30 million retailers worldwide.
  • Affiliate SpeedPay only accepts affiliate payments. The system has never been and never will be used for player transactions.
  • Retail affiliate programs as well as gaming operators will utilize this service. We won’t have the same problems others have had in the past where they were rightly seen as a gaming eWallet. Affiliate SpeedPay is an affiliate payment solution only.

For Program Operators:

Single worldwide solution

  • Pay your Affiliates worldwide with one simple payment solution
  • Payments available in USD, CAD, Euro and GBP

Secure bank environment

  • Your funds are in your own account with an EU-regulated bank
  • Payments to Affiliates are within a single bank environment, not an e-wallet or other third party

Easy to set up and manage

  • Simply set up and fund you own corporate bank account
  • No integration required: we provide all the payment systems
  • Same-day payment direct into Affiliates' online accounts on your institution
  • No need to process checks worldwide or arrange individual wire transfers

Find out what Affiliate SpeedPay can do for you today. Click Here


 Program Spotlight


RummyAffiliates means earning money by promoting online rummy. Did you know that rummy is the third most popular game in the world after monopoly and scrabble?

Every region in the world has their own variation of the rummy game: Gin Rummy in the US, Canasta in South America, Okey in Turkey, Rummy 500 in the Nordic area and everybody is familiar with Asian rummy – Mahjong. is a platform offering several different variations of rummy games for real.

Rummy is a skill game thus legal in America. US players and Pay Pal payments are accepted.

Come promote a market where you can still get a piece of very good domain real estate, proper tools like content, exciting creative and more...

Have you signed up already?

Find out more about RummyRoyal Affiliates

 Industry News

Ex-Virgin Boss to Help Online Casino Fair Better

Leading online gambling group, Betfair, has announced that it has employed former Virgin Games Managing Director Oscar Nieboer as brand director on a temporary basis. Read More

Online Casino Group Launches Film Service
Online casino giant has announced that it is set to offer players more entertainment options on its site, starting with the launch of 888 Flash Back, a unique animated Flash production that will feature random bits of trivia throughout history. Read More

Playtech’s Vision for the Future is 3D
Playtech, a provider of software platforms for the online gambling industry, has announced that it has signed a deal with 3D poker operator Read More

Online Casino Software Developer Announces Revenues Increase
High-profile gaming software developer CryptoLogic has announced impressive financial results for Q2 ending on June 30, 2007, which would have showed an operating profit of $2.5 million if not for the company’s $4 million reorganisation costs as part of the relocation of its headquarters to Ireland and some non-recurring tax impacts. Read More

Bingo Added to Best Games
Online gaming group Best Games has announced that it is adding to its online offering with the launch of bingo site in partnership with gaming operator St Minver. Read More

 Community Forum

ASOP Times
ASOP is Open: I will sort proper pr and announcements today but I can now officially tell you the ASOP in Bareclona is open for registrations so just go to and register for the free rollls - Details will follow Read More

Non UK gaming sites banned from advertising in the uk
Does the article below from the bbc mean even though I am based in the UK that I should not advertise intercasino anymore and the other casinos that are banned how do I find out what is banned? Read More

 Manager's Corner

Shay, Rummy Affiliates.

One of the most professional women in the online gaming industry brought me into this wonderful world back in 2004. These days, I consider myself a retired gambling affiliate manager empowering online rummy games to be the next big thing.

After the big bang, everybody was looking to diversify. Instead of going retail, I decided to go for skill. Some of you may be unaware that skill games are legal in the United States (Rummy at least).

Affiliates are the best breed of people, entrepreneurs at heart. One of the things that I’ve learnt from you is sharing and networking. It is these values that brought you both the CAP Affiliate Magazine and the CAP London Convention. What can I say – Sharing pays off big time.

When I’m not connected to the internet I enjoy family life in suburbia, roller blades and dirt biking. There is no point hiding the fact that I love online marketing – even as a hobby. I’m looking forward to meeting you in the upcoming events.

Cyall there.

Find out more about Rummy Affiliates!


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