CAP Newsletter - (July 26th 2007)
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 Letter From the Professor - July 26, 2007

Newbies have a new friend at CAP

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new community moderator at CAP; Itay Paz from B4Playing. Itay’s primary focus will be to assist webmasters and field questions in the “Newbie Corner” area. He brings to the table a wealth of experience in Affiliate Marketing and will be a real asset for our community.

A little about Itay:

Itay Paz is a co-founder and VP marketing at B4Playing, a new venture which aims to revolutionize the affiliation model. B4Playing is a unique tool that enables affiliates to own the players even when they switch, from time to time, between properties. Users of B4Playing tool receive up to date online casino and poker rooms information to their desktop.

Mr. Paz, holds a BA in Economics and Management and MBA. Prior to B4Playing, for 5 years, Mr. Paz has ran an online affiliate business, focused on the online gambling industry, with over 350 websites. His expertise is mainly in media buying and SEO. During that time, he also founded Gambling Webmaster School – a free site that was created to help affiliates. Running its owned venture, Mr. Paz saw the existing deficiencies with the current affiliate model and came up with a novel idea. Major operators and affiliates have already teamed up with B4Playing. Visit for further information.

Itay says:

My goals as a moderator are to work along with the affiliate community and assist them in any way I can. I would be glad to help any affiliate with various issues of being an affiliate in this business. Feel free to contact me.


 Program Spotlight


32Red Affiliates is the home of the UK’s favourite Online Casino and Casinomeister’s Casino of the Year since 2003,, as well as,, and

The award-winning 32Red Affiliates Programme offers up to 35% revenue share for the lifetime of the player, with zero negative carryover, product ring-fencing and player cross-tracking, so you can get everything you need to build a rewarding partnership with us.

We’ll keep you up to day with all the latest promotions and offers, as well as detailed reports that update hourly, individual player stats, a second tier referral programme and our latest marketing creatives.

Join us today as we celebrate 32Red’s 5 th Birthday! We’re giving every CAP member a birthday present – just PM Kate@32Red with your 32Red Affiliates username and you will get 50%Revenue Share during August!

Find out more about 32Red Affiliates

 Industry News

Man Bests Machine For Poker Title

After two days and 2,000 hands of concentrated poker, the human team of Ali Eslami and Phil ‘The Unabomber’ Laak won the first $50,000 Man-Machine Poker Championship in Canada. Read More

US Online Opinions On The Slide
Market investigators Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research have announced that approval of online casinos could be slipping after a recent study of American public opinion. Read More

Online Casino Player Hits Slot Jackpot
Leading online casino has announced that one of its slots players has won over $600 off just a two-dollar bet. Read More

Playtech Releases New Online Casino Games
Leading online casino software designer, developer and licensor Playtech has announced the release of four new online casino games available on its casino games package. Read More

Online Casino Marketer Expands in Douglas
Online gambling marketing company has announced plans to expand its team at its newly established headquarters on the Isle Of Man. Read More

 Community Forum

Are there even still any programs worth promoting.
I have tried a few that worked good at the start of this whole thing but now are slacking off.... Does anyone else has success with a group more than another or is this something that everyone is facing? Read More

Current online casinos have the chance to make the difference
But do they have the wisdom?

Wondering what i'm talking about?

Well lets say tomorrow Vegas goes online. What chance do you think casinos like those at Gambling Wages .... which I just read a thread about .... that actually wrote a player and said in reply when asked why full payment wasn't made ...... Read More

 Manager's Corner

Nicole, Roxy Affiliates.

After completing my Honour’s Degree in Marketing Communication and a short stint at an Advertising Agency, I decided that that crazy world definitely wasn’t for me. Little did I know that the universe had a sense of humor and I would end up being catapulted into an even crazier industry in the near future…

So after a few months off, some soul searching and coming to the conclusion that I should have been a trust fund baby (my bank balance wasn’t in agreement though), by pure chance (or destiny) I ended up on Roxy Affiliates doorstep and joined the infamous Garth Wilby in the Affiliates department. Thick skin and an occasionally dark sense of humor stood me in good stead for what at that time, was a very male dominated industry.

Over the years, the industry being the dynamic one that it is, has changed and developed continually. I moved up the ladder, and Roxy Affiliates under the leadership of our two directors handled each and every one of these changes successfully. In the last year or so the company has grown beyond recognition to the point where I barely know everyone’s name!

Despite the changes though, I have met some of the most amazing people in this industry, many of whom have challenged me, helped me to grow and inspired me to do things I would never even have dared dream of. The fun, friendship and community that exist in our “bubble” are not something one comes across in many other industries. So I count myself privileged to experience this, have it be part of my life on a daily basis and call it “work”.

Find out more about Roxy Affiliates!


Visitors love a new place to play at. When you add a new casino or poker room to your websites. Player sign ups are generally much higher then existing brands. Try out CAP’s newest partners for an injection of excitement to your promotions. In July we added: Duplicate Poker , GNUF , Rummy Affiliates , B4Playing

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