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 Letter From the Professor - July 12, 2007

Don’t wear online gambling blinders...

The team and I just returned from Affiliate Summit in Miami and I have to say I was extremely impressed by the depth and scope of the affiliate marketing industry in 2007. A little background about my self is in order so you can understand my perspective.

I first got involved in affiliate marketing back in 1998 and I actually started in the retail sector. I focused on several niches including online dating, credit cards and software sales and was doing quite well. Within my first half year in the business I was earning a high five figure income per month. In fact I was so confident in my future prospects that I quit an engineering job I had been with for over 10 years and became a full time affiliate marketer.

I continued to expand my online business and in early 1999 I moved into the Internet Gaming sector. This was both a great blessing and a major setback in my growth as an online publisher. Why? Well, like most people I choose the path of least resistance.

Online gaming was so lucrative that after a few years I decided I was earning more per hour with casinos and I basically abandoned the retail sector.

Until 2002 online gaming was so profitable and required so much less effort then the retail affiliate world that frankly I became lazy. I worked for four hours a day on average and spent the rest of the time driving around in my jeep or fishing or traveling on cruises with the family. It was a good life, but it left me ill prepared for what lie ahead.

UIGEA and the mass exodus form the US market by many of my previous big earners caused a major impact on my earnings from online gaming. I quickly realized that I could no longer turn my nose up at the retail sector. I wasn’t sure what the market was like anymore as I had been inactive in it as a publisher for nearly five years, but I felt like I had no choice. I had to make money wherever I could online if I was to maintain the lifestyle I had grown accustomed to.

In January I dove back in with both feet. I spent time researching what programs were available and which niches offered a decent profit potential. I built a few sites and I started SEO and PPC promotion of my new product lines and lo and behold I actually started earning money! It wasn’t the same cash cow as online gaming had been in previous years, but it was a very respectable level of income and each month the numbers continue to grow.

The moral of the story is simple. Don’t let online gambling “blinders” prevent you from diversifying into other verticals. They can produce significant revenues. Unlike 1998 there are now thousands of products and services to promote online and there are many which would be a perfect fit for you. Give it a try, what have you got to lose?


 Program Spotlight


The affiliate program was designed specifically with affiliates needs in mind, from tips of how to increase your SERP to a professional and accurate tracking system.
Consultation with affiliates has enabled us to offer a program that has fantastic gaming sites which includes: , and more.. with excellent promotions and outstanding player retention, easily obtainable high commissions and reporting tools second to none.

In today’s ever changing events in the gambling industry the strong relationship we have with every player refer to us from 1997 gives us the extra advantage over our competitors, just to put things into perspective imagine an affiliate who referred a player back in 1997 and the substantial earnings they are still making from that loyal VIP customer.

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 Industry News

Gordon Brown’s U-Turn on Super Casinos

In statements made in Parliament today, new Prime Minister Gordon Brown has signalled that plans for the UK’s first super casino could be at an end. Read More

NETeller Co-Founder Lefebvre Pleads Guilty
A Canadian man who helped create NETeller, a company that processed online gambling transactions, has pleaded guilty to US federal conspiracy charges just weeks after the company’s other co-founder entered a guilty plea of his own. Read More

French Court Rules Against Online Monopoly
France's top court has added to pressure from the European Commission for an end to the State’s monopoly by overturning a decision that banned a Maltese company from offering online betting on horse races in the nation. Read More

Online Canadian Casino Awards Ace Jackpot
Online gaming room Imperial Casino has announced that a player won over $77,000 after hitting a jackpot on one of its Space Ace slot machines. Read More

Online Casino Regulation Not Exclusion
Internet gambling experts have spoken out in support of America’s proposed Internet Gambling Regulation And Enforcement Act, as they believe it would help combat both compulsive and underage gambling. Read More

 Community Forum - Need to do something with it

Had this domain a while but its been sitting doing nothing, like 99% of my domains.

Anyone have suggestions on what I can do with this that wont take a lot of time or money?

I just want something that I can setup and leave to run itself, I have too many other sites taking my time right now but I think its a good domain that I should be using instead of wasting it. Read More

CAP Magaizne June - Digital Version Ready
Hope you are all well - and having a good summer - England seems to have forgotten about global warming temporarily and continues to deliver rain....Bring on Barcelona

Anyway the real reason for this post is that the digital version of CAP Magazine June edition is ready and can be viewed here

Highlights of this issue include:

Image Optimisation
SEO Best Practice
Yahoo Poker
An interview with Peralis
And lots more


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 Manager's Corner

Malci, Revenue Giants.

Work with someone that knows the business from your point of view, an affiliate manager that not just have big titles (and commission) that push you to send traffic (sometimes quite annoyingly.. ) but also knows and appreciate the hard work you put into your sites the dedication and constantly upgrading work it involves, while making sure you also earn from this partnership and that you are sharing the profit for a life time! The affiliate program does so why don’t you?!

I have been in the industry for a few years and started as an affiliate myself working very hard on my way up, I believe that the way to a success in any affiliate program starts by understanding where your traffic source is coming from and value the effort needed in order to achieve stable and growth in this fluctuated industry.

While starting a new affiliate program from scratch and then continue and grew with my group taking over one of the best affiliate program Revenue Giants made me understand that this partnership which was initially started by offering a valuable advice (.. and yeah a drink as well I must admit… ) from and to another affiliate colleague soon became a strong lasting business partnership and most importantly a good friendship.

EVERYONE is welcome to work with us, if you are still not registered at Revenue Giants, this is the time to do so, we have a very nice variety of amazing online Bingo sites and Casinos for you to promote, contact me for further details.

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