CAP Newsletter - (February 21st 2008)
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 Letter From the Professor - February 21, 2008

First CAP Money Award Winner!

Drum roll please … Our first winner of an gift certificate of $125 is corpfan1 for the following thread which brought to light a serious issue, garnered everyone’s attention and even fire up some Jerry Springer style controversy towards the end. Check it out here:
Well done corpfan1!

Don’t forget YOU can win CAP Money too. This is a weekly contest open to all CAP members see full details here: CAP Money

CAP Spring Break/PokerConference dates and locations finalized
Everyone’s favorite gathering of the year and the first ever conference strictly dedicated to the Online Poker industry are literally just around the corner. Our programs are finalizing the registration forms and updating the sites with complete details now and you will be able to lock in your spot within the next two weeks. The good news is we have a fabulous beachfront location secured and have finalized the dates as follows:

Mon 19th May
Poker Conf set-up day
Delegates Arrive on island
Opening Party

Tues 20th May
Day 1 of Poker Conference 2008
Evening Party

Wed 21st May
Day 2 of Poker Conference 2008
Early Afternoon – CAP Spring Break registration
Opening Party CAP SpringBreak

Thurs 22nd May
CAP Spring Break

Fri 23rd May

Cap SpringBreak

I can’t release the name of resort just yet, but I can tell you this much:

• It’s Ocean Front and has over 250 rooms all of which we have reserved. EVERYONE you see on the beach or at the bars is a fellow CAP/PAP Member!

• Within the resort itself there are numerous restaurants and bars as well as a fitness centre and importantly a large conference and expo center.

• The exchange rates in Cyrus are very favorable and drinks and entertainment are VERY inexpensive (This is important!)

As you know CAP and PAP events are FREE for all CAP and PAP affiliates so this is your chance to enjoy an exciting four days networking, drinking, learning, partying, finding new partners, drinking, and hanging out on the beach with all your online friends and colleagues.

Stay Tuned for more details

 Program Spotlight

BetUS Partners is a leading online sports betting and sports wagering entertainment website, providing a safe and secure place for online gambling for more than 13 years now. is recognized as one of the oldest and most respected online entertainment companies, offering the level of experience and industry expertise expected of a world-class sportsbook. We offer our customers attractive bonus packages, including the biggest signup and re-load bonuses in the business, and the most rewarding loyalty program in the industry. Plus, our members enjoy wagering on some of their favorite sports including: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, auto racing and boxing. In addition, we offer entertainment-based propositions focusing on Hollywood celebrities, films & TV, trials, politics and various pop culture topics. For those interested in Vegas-style casino games and interactive poker, we are dedicated to providing the very best in poker and casino dynamics. Our exceptional customer service department is available 24/7 to handle all customer inquiries quickly and professionally. All this and much more, makes BetUS a leader within the online gaming industry.

Find out more about Bet US Partners

 In The News

Bulgaria Agrees On Online Gambling

Legislators from Bulgaria's three-way governing coalition have agreed to regulatory amendments paving the way for licensed and regulated online gambling.  Read More

Online Game Goes Mobile
British mobile technology company Mfuse Ltd has signed a deal to bring its Deal Or No Deal fixed-odds betting game to the Ladbrokes mobile gambling service. Read More

Gambling Takes To The Skies
America's Las Vegas Sands Corporation has purchased two airplanes and is retrofitting them to serve as private jets ferrying high-rollers from Hong Kong to the company's two Nevada casinos. Read More

Five New Online Slots
As part of its regular monthly additions, Isle of Man-based online gambling software developer Microgaming has released five further video slots to a gaming inventory numbering almost 300. Read More

World Series of Poker announces changes in 2008 schedule

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:HET) said today it is swapping dates for two events at the 2008 World Series of Poker presented by Milwaukee's Best Light.  Read More

Online gaming sites attack by botnets
Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) wreaked havoc at online gaming sites earlier this week. Full Tilt Poker, Titan Poker, Virgin Games and Party Poker were among the sites attacked by a web-based botnet, according to the Shadowserver Foundation, a watchdog group of security professionals that gathers, tracks, and reports on malware, botnet activity, and electronic fraud. Some e-commerce sites were also attacked.   Read More

 Community Forum

Non Web businesses - Opportunity to share what's hot
Hard to summarize my idea in the title so if I got you going this far im looking good! My idea is simple - I see businesses in my local area and say "Why didnt I think of that" or "I would have never thought that would be a money maker" and of course its too late at this point to open one of these... Read More

To Catch A Crook...
HI normally just let the shady people go on being shady but I have come across some behavior going on in our industry that will affect both my business (the online radio industry) and could certainly take some of my colleagues for some cash by misrepresenting the truth. We passed some information along to one of the people associated with the company in question that this was going to be exposed if they did not quit these practices but apparently they didn’t care... Read More

 Manager's Corner

ErinErin Argue, BetUS

Erin stumbled upon this industry innocently enough; wondering whether a sportsbook was hardcover or paperback. Envisioning her career as a media buyer for print was an appealing departure from marketing ESL programs; but what lay ahead was more exciting than she could have anticipated. For 3 years she concentrated her professional attention on learning about wagering and managing affiliate relationships for a renowned Sportsbook. In 2006 an incredible opportunity with BetUS was presented and she quickly settled into her new role and responsibilities as Affiliate Marketing Director for BetUS Partners.

She brings a unique approach to affiliate marketing; incorporating her passion for people and sports with the diligence and hard work necessary to manage and motivate a stellar team. Sweetening deals with home-baked treats is what she is truly known for however. Her ability to get on with nearly everyone has as much to do with her chocolate brittle pie and cheddar scones as it does her friendly personality.

Find out more about BetUS Partners

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