CAP Newsletter - (January 3rd 2008)
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 Letter From the Professor - January 3, 2008

New Start to the New Year!

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday. Here at CAP we started the New Year with New Challenges. Our sister affiliate community, (PAP) has acquired the (PAW) forums. The transition of the forums has already taken place, and you can access them in their new house – PAP. Jeremy Enke will also be joining the parent company of PAP as General Manager of its Online Poker division. Greg Powell will remain onboard and has been named as the Marketing Director for PAP. The poker affiliate forums will continue to be managed by Jeremy.

This exciting news is followed by the announcement of 3 semi finalists of PAP V.I.P. Contest:

Jonathan Holloway
Ryan Carter
John Goldie

In the next few days, we will know who will be chosen by the judges and be the lucky winner of a trip to London to Party with Jeremy and Greg during CAP Euro.

This morning, our friend Alex Pratt sent out a press release regarding CAP Awards Ceremony. There are only 200 tickets available so you need to hurry up and purchase your tickets, before they are all sold out. Please fill in the form on CAP Euro site in order to enquire or purchase a ticket.

Finally, we are working hard on making CAP a truly international community. English, French, and Spanish are not the only languages we work with. CAP continues to grow and 2008 will be the year of a lot of changes and exciting news. We are expecting to develop more language versions, bring more partners and multiple language moderators.

 Program Spotlight


We let you choose the commission structure that gives you the highest payout, while still letting you maintain the lifestyle you want. You decide how many hours you want to work! We even go so far as to give you a choice between 4 different commission deals to get you on the road to financial independence.
Earn up to 35% commission on the lifetime of your customers”.

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 Industry News

Governor Lobbying Against Online Gambling

In America, the Governor of the eastern state of Massachusetts has been branded a hypocrite this week as he stepped up efforts to pass his gambling reform package through the legislature.  Read More

No Lottery Tickets for Christmas in Canada

Authorities in Canada are warning adults not to give lottery tickets to children this Christmas following the release of a study that found a large proportion of the tickets are currently being given to minors. Read More

JetBlue Airways Aim Sky-High for Online Casino At 50,000 Feet
Another airline has announced its intention to launch an airborne online gambling service in the near future. Read More

Online Casino Site Makes Millionaires

Online bingo site has announced that a 27-year-old British beauty therapist has set a record by winning almost two million dollars on its Deal Or No Deal slot.  Read More

 Community Forum

Internet Gambling Ban: Why You Should Oppose It
Good mainstream article from Fox. Read More

New Years resolution 
The new year is almost upon us and it got me thinking about new year's resolutions. Can winning the lottery be a resolution? Read More

 Manager's Corner

ShaneShane, Referback

In 1998 I started with a little know company, ForwardSlash, in an industry I had no idea even existed – online gambling. My need to help people (my sisters thought it was just me being bossy) eventually extended to all the ‘noobs’ who were joining the company and I spear headed (read: did all the leg work on) the training and development of new staff.

This was my ability to guide and assist was the reason I was then asked to head up the account management for one of ForwardSlash’s *then* clients, The Spiral Group and shortly thereafter the management of the AE’s that looked after all their external clients.

I loved the account management aspect of business and being in the casino industry the next move was a natural one… in 2003 I joined Referback as an Account Manager and I haven’t looked back!

If there is any advice I can give anyone from my experience in the industry, especially new account managers, it would be “always be honest”. Affiliates will teach you everything you need to know about this business, show them the respect they deserve by being honest with them in return.

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