CAP Newsletter - (December 20th 2007)
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 Letter From the Professor - December 20, 2007

CAP 2.0 is Live!

After eight months of development and testing CAP 2.0 is finally live. Most members have commented that they love the new site design, colors and layout, but CAP 2.0 is more then just a
pretty face. The community is jam packed with new content, tools and features designed to open up communication between members and help you build your business. Here are some of the new features registered CAP members have access to:

News – Updated daily, keep on top of all the latest news in our industry.
Jobs – Browse positions available around the globe.
Associations – A complete list of all relevant Industry Associations.
Legal References – Our legal library contains all major legislation that impacts our industry.


SEO tools designed to help you to maximize your traffic.

Affiliates and Affiliate Managers directory
Affiliate Portals – Add your websites to our directory and receive direct links back from CAP.

Forums – The largest and most active online gaming affiliate community.
Chat – Talk in real time with affiliates form around the world.
Chat Schedule – We will have scheduled chat sessions daily that you can join in on.

Plus we have greatly expanded our learning center with brand new content and articles.

Take a few minutes to visit all the new sections of the site and see what CAP 2.0 has for you!

 Program Spotlight

Everest Affiliates represents many months of collaborative work with top affiliates to achieve a much needed upgrade to the existing affiliate platform, Affiliated Web Attractions. The new portal was launched on 4 October 2007 and will serve as the exclusive affiliate program for the popular Everest Poker and Everest Casino brands. As of 1 December 2007, Everest Poker has ranked 6th in the world in terms of most cash players seated at any given moment. (source:

Everest Affiliates focuses almost exclusively on European, Asian and South American players (15 languages and counting) and has a staff of 25+ dedicated affiliate managers from all corners of the globe with local expertise. Everest poker runs satellites for the major poker events, hosts their very own European Poker Cup, and satellites into tournaments which have tremendous local interest such as the Austrian Open and Torneo di Poker in Slovenia.

The software platform (Voted 2006/2007 Favourite Poker Room by players) is exclusive to Everest and therefore player data is never shared with any other brand. Everest listens to the changes that players and partners want to make and they build it! Further independent honors for the program include a listing in the iGaming Business 2007 Marketplace Guide as one of the “Top 10 Companies to Watch in iGaming”.

Find out more about Everest Affiliates

 Industry News

Former NFL Player Arrested in Internet Sports Gambling Bust

The NFL gives a variety of educational tools for new players about the pitfalls of illegal gambling. Rookies receive lectures when they enter the league, and programs are used to discourage players from getting involved.  Read More

Turkish Online Casino Crackdown

According to a report in Turkish newspaper Zaman, the Government has launched a major operation to stop online gambling and is threatening heavy fines for those caught breaking the law. Read More

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo to pay $31.5 million over gambling
ST. LOUIS, Missouri -- As reported by the Associated Press: "The big three Internet companies have agreed to a combined $31.5 million settlement with the U.S. government for accepting ads promoting illegal online gambling, the U.S. Attorney for eastern Missouri said Wednesday. Read More

Ruling in Antigua Trade Case Delayed by WTO

According to reports from the Reuters news agency, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has been delayed in ruling on the trade case brought by Antigua against the United States for substantial damages following years of litigation.  Read More

 Community Forum

anybody else see the stuff on google/SE's and gambling ads?
well its at GPWA .... if not here. can't remember where. point is .... crap! I don't know how this will effect me .... as i got a letter from a player a short while ago saying "of all sites..... yours was considered safe by google" ...... ? don't know what he/she meant .... but of course was damn glad to see it. lol. Read More

Am I being attacked? 
I noticed today that I had over 1,000 emails and they all looked like bounce back emails with titles like: Read More

 Manager's Corner

MartynRebecca, Everest Affiliates

Rebecca Liggero, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, has always loved meeting new people, building relationships, and traveling the world. After graduating from Bates College with a degree in psychology, Rebecca spent four years in Washington, DC, working in relationship management, and dreaming about online gaming. After turning down an opportunity to live in New Zealand, she moved back to Boston and signed on as Senior Account Manager for Online Casino City and GPWA, her first introduction to the online gaming world. Following almost three years with the Casino City team, Rebecca moved to Everest Affiliates, where she is currently the Brand Manager of the affiliate program.

As the Everest Affiliates Brand Manager, Rebecca will be introducing, a much needed upgrade to the existing affiliate program platform (Affiliated Web Attractions), to new and existing affiliates, along with the rest of the online gaming world. She will also serve as the main point of contact at affiliate associations such as CAP to ensure inquires are promptly channeled to the appropriate affiliate management team based on language and target market. Trade show participation and VIP partner appreciation events have always been a priority at Everest, and a VIP program launch is on the way- several other aspects of the Everest Affiliates program that Rebecca will be responsible for.

Find out more about Everest Affiliates


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