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 Letter From the Professor - June 28, 2007

The clock is ticking…

On October 13 th 2006 President Bush signed into law the Safe Port Act. The bill’s original premise was to provide for additional security at US ports and to bolster the homeland security efforts adopted after 9/11. This bill would obviously enjoy popular support and as such it was used as a vehicle to sneak through a piece of legislation that was NOT widely supported by US constituents; the Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

After the original Safe Port Act had been voted on and approved by both the Congress and Senate, Bill Frist, Senate Majority Leader at the time, tacked on UIGEA and presented it to the President for his signature. His signing of the bill into law started a time clock ticking that our industry has been watching intently.

Included within the act is a requirement that new banking regulations be defined within 270 days from commencement. These regulations would prohibit the funding of “Internet Gambling” by players within the United States by Banks and financial institutions.

A quick check of the calendar shows the deadline being reached on approximately July 10 th. What will happen on that day? There is plenty of speculation, but no one knows for sure. A possible and likely scenario is that an extension will be sought to allow for more time to define these new regulations. Alternately we may see the banking sector file an injunction or appeal challenging the new law and staying execution until that is sorted out by the courts.

Like everyone else I am watching the clock and waiting to see what unfolds. What do you think we can expect? Let’s discuss it here.


 Program Spotlight


Established in 1999, Casino Coins Affiliate Program is a pioneer in the online gaming industry and one of the few programs still catering to the US market.

Casino Coins offers affiliates up to 40% Revenue Share or CPA, plus a 5 tier referral program. With a no negative balance carryover policy, lifetime commission on players, multiple campaign management, creative marketing tools and a dedicated affiliate manager, the opportunity to earn money is endless. Powered by the in-house developed, award winning software, Vegas Technology, Casino Coins is home to the English Harbour Group of casinos and offers 6 brands including: English Harbour (US, UK, & EU), Superslots, Millionaire Casino, & Silver Dollar.

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 Industry News

Bluff Europe Names London as Poker’s Capital of Europe

Poker magazine Bluff Europe has named Europe’s top five poker destinations and London has topped the bill as the place to be for lovers of the game. Read More

EU Files Actions in Support of Online Gambling
The European Commission has taken steps to prise open the sportsbetting markets of France, Sweden and Greece as part of a quarterly crackdown on European Union rule breakers. Read More

Online Gambling Authority Supports Initiative
The UK’s Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has announced its endorsement of the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative for its efforts to promote the freedom of individuals to gamble online with the proper safeguards. Read More

Aegean Trip Award From Online Casino
Online poker room Everest Poker is offering an all expenses-paid seven-night cruise through the Greek Isles for players that wager at least £250 on its Everest Casino sister site. Read More

EU Places Final Bet on Gambling Compliance
The European Commission (EC) has announced that it is in the process of making a legal decision in their actions against France, Sweden and Greece, three countries that have been unwilling to open up their gambling markets to foreign competition. Read More

 Community Forum

RTG & Player Bonuses Deducted From Rev?
Can someone explain to me how the player bonuses work with RTG programs. When checking my stats at a few of them, it looks like they deduct all credits and bonuses given to players from the gross win. If thats the case, that doesn't really seem right that affiliates are dinged for these bonuses like they were some kind of withdrawal or real money paid out by the casino. It's fantasy money unless there is a genuine win by a player isn't it? I mean if that bonus money comes back in the door shouldn't it be a wash as far as the affiliate is concerned? Read More

Time machine
So, what would you do differently when you started if you had the ability to send yourself a letter into the past?

Obvious ones I think of

-Start Early, like 1990
-Pick a much better domain name to start with that has some SEO value
-Tell the professor there's no future in online gaming and take his job
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 Manager's Corner

Nick Yapp , CasinoCoins.

Having been a part of the Casino Coins team for a year and managing the program for the past 6 months, I have been able to experience all the exciting changes both with the program and the industry. Being one of the few programs left in the US market, it has allowed me to establish new partnerships and create exciting opportunities for the affiliates I work with.

I’m looking forward to the second half of 2007 - if you want to do business, you know where to find me!

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