CAP Newsletter - (February 8th 2011)


WordPress premium themes offer maximum SEO

Repeat after me: I will focus on my SEO, I will focus on my SEO.

If you're running a website and you're not doing SEO, your competitors are probably flying by you with better traffic and better earnings. While SEO can be challenging, it's the best way to develop consistent, quality traffic to your website.

So if you're running a WordPress website, you should know about theme frameworks that can significantly improve your SEO. These advanced theme frameworks are a great alternative to SEO plug-ins, some of which may actually even negatively impact on your SEO work.

We recommend that affiliates use one of three popular frameworks when building a site for maximum SEO:
Thesis, Headway, and StudioPress.

Thesis and Headway have led the premium WordPress themes market recently. Most serious developers and WordPress power users consider them when building their sites. They come out of the box engineered for maximum SEO and don't require other SEO plug-ins to ensure that everything is laid out correctly for search engine spiders.

So while advanced users know how powerful these frameworks are, it's beginning and intermediate users who can benefit the most.

These frameworks make it easy to set up the following basic options: Title tag, meta tags, permalink redirects, WordPress breadcrumbs, SEO slugs, robots meta, syndication/feed, Google analytics code, as well as more advanced SEO such as no-follow links, canonical links, and advanced SEO elements.

A third option that's becoming more popular among WordPress fans is StudioPress.

StudioPress themes, built on the Genesis framework, are excellent if you're looking for a theme that looks like a website and not a blog, while enjoying the flexibility and scalability of WordPress.

With all things SEO being equal, the trade-off between these themes is more about the look and feel you want for your site. Headway and Thesis give you plenty of options to tweak your website to make it look like you want it to. StudioPress will give you a sexy-looking website out of the box, which you may need to tweak only a little (it gives you full control over CSS).

Regardless of which framework you choose, you'll get advanced control of your SEO and a quality premium theme framework.

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