CAP Newsletter - (January 20th 2011)


What you don't know about SEO is costing you money.

If you're like most of us affiliate marketers, you've probably had some good luck with SEO in the past.

It used to be easy. Keyword stuffing in content, meta tags, and alt tags made it easy to rank for your money keywords.

But it's not easy any more. While SEO tricks used to work, they can just plain hurt your business if you keep trying them.

Bad SEO equals bad business. You're getting less traffic, which means fewer eyes on your affiliate offers, which means fewer commissions in your bank account.

If you want to fix your SEO, we've identified five things you should stop doing right now.

STOP submitting to cheap directory submission services (ie: 2000 submissions for $18.88). Links from directories with low PageRank won't really help. You're better off finding quality manual submissions for your site.

STOP spamming Google Local with multiple place pages that refer to the same physical address. Do you really think you're smarter than Google?

STOP forum spamming. Forum marketing is a great tool. But if you're going to use it, find the forum that works for you, make sure they allow URLs in your signature line, then really participate in that community. Spending a few minutes a day to understand what the other folks in the community need to learn You'll get better traffic

STOP wasting your time with meta keywords tags. The good old meta keywords tag is one of those tactics that's ripe for abuse. And that's why the major search engines ignore it. Just don't waste your time, OK?

STOP ignoring social media. You know how all of those links on Twitter and Facebook are no follow. Well, apparently they're kinda-follow. Google admits that they're following no follow links. The authority of the account means a lot. So like your other white hat techniques, if you're going to do it, do it right.

OK, are you still doing any of these five money-wasting tactics? And yes, if you're still keyword stuffing, you need to stop that too.

Need a smart solution for monitoring your keyword density and getting your on page SEO correct? Check out this great tool for WordPress:

SEOpressor - This is an extremely effective WordPress plugin that makes managing on-page SEO a breeze.

Want more? Of course there's more. We'll follow up on this topic in a future email.

Have feedback? Please come to the forums and talk to us.

Have a great day!

The CAP Team

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