CAP Glossary


Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving organic search engine results. Organic search engine placement is literally the description of where your website sits on the SERP's based on certain keywords or key-phrases. The higher up the SERP that your website is located, the more visitors will be able to find your website, and in turn visit your advertisers, driving up your income. SEO is a complex process and there is no “magic bullet”. It requires research in to the ranking methodology of the individual search engine, and also requires significant time and energy in to optimizing each page of your website to be easily searched and indexed by the search engine. There is a huge amount of information (some accurate, some speculative) about search engine optimization available on the web, and there are also thousands of firms and individuals that can provide expert optimization at a range of pricing and results. Steer away from any SEO consultant or service that guarantees “top” ranking – expert SEO consultants will guarantee improvement, but cannot guarantee specific positions or absolute results.