Yahoo Sports and BetMGM are entering into a major partnership that’s set to bring regulated sports betting content to a massivenew US audience. This partnership illustrates exactly how far regulated sports betting has moved into the American mainstream and how unlikely it is to ever return to its black market days.

Under the terms of the agreement, which was announced early this week, Yahoo Sports will formally become the official Digital Media Sports Partner of MGM Resorts. Yahoo Sports will integrate BetMGM onto its sports app and all the wagering will take place on the BetMGM platform. Conversely, MGM will distribute Yahoo Sports content across its digital and physical properties.

The move will expose a massive US audience, who tune into Yahoo Sports religiously while playing fantasy football, to sports betting the MGM way. For many of these folks, it will be their first exposure to regulated sports betting and could, potentially, turn them into lifelong MGM customers.

In an announcement on Yahoo! (where else?) Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan gushed about the deal saying, “The historic partnership with Yahoo Sports and BetMGM will change the future of fandom, providing new ways for sports fans to go beyond engaging with content and interact through commerce.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who was ahead of the curve in supporting regulated sports betting, joined in the praise party saying, “As sports betting continues to transform the industry, this partnership brings together the power of two trusted partners of the NBA. By working together, MGM Resorts and Yahoo Sports will offer fans unprecedented ways to engage with our games.”

The partnership officially begins in the beginning of November.

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