Not as many people Yahoo! so much anymore.

Yahoo! launched a major offensive in the browser wars with the introduction of Axis, a web browser that’s aimed squarely at the mobile sector. It’s the first new innovation from Yahoo! in a long time and many in the tech sector are wondering if it will put them back on top of the search game.

Axis is being touted as a “search/browser” by the company and it’s definitely a ground-breaking app/plug-in. Unlike Google and Bing, Axis focuses on visual search results rather than text. In fact, the whole idea behind Axis is that it takes users directly form their query to actual web pages without bothering with a results page.

Yahoo! isn’t the only search engine company that’s innovating – check out Google Knowledge Graph Basics for Affiliates.

Aimed at the Mobile Market

While there is a desktop version available, Axis is aimed primarily at mobile devices and tablets. iPad and iPhone users can get thumbnail images and web-page previews that can be easily scrolled through on a touchscreen. (An Android version is said to be in development, but is not available at this time.)

Other mobile friendly features include the ability to seamlessly move a search from a desktop to smartphone to tablet. The idea is that users will eventually make Axis their primary, cross-platform browsing app.

A New Niche

With the release of Axis Yahoo! is hoping to be the first search engine company to truly dominate the mobile space. Of course Google and Bing have mobile versions of desktop products, but neither company has a truly mobile-specific offering.

Given Google’s domination of the search engine space Yahoo! once owned, it’s not surprising that the troubled company would be interested in colonizing the post-PC market. It’s widely believed that mobile Internet devices will surpass desktop connections withing just a few years. Getting a toe hold in that space ahead of Google would be a major victory for Yahoo!

Not to spoil the party or anything, but monetizing Axis could be a problem for Yahoo! After all, the search results page is where search engines make stacks of money. Eliminate that step and you’ve left a lot of money sitting on the table.

If nothing else, the surprise release sends a clear message to competitors that Yahoo! is down, but they’re not out for the count.

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