Xorti and GTECH G2 have come to an agreement that is sure to bring excitement to online gambling players and affiliates (and hopefully some extra money as well)!

As one of the top gaming software and services providers in the world, GTECH G2 is giving Xorti everything it needs to bring two new gaming sites to the market: SpinWinners and Pokerleaders.

GTECH G2 plans on providing Xorti with its top of the line instant casino and poker products, including its gaming management system. Along with this, the partnership states that GTECH G2 will provide Xorti with CRM services including its VIP Marketing Management Program.

For affiliates, this change could mean big things in the near future. Above all else, GTECH G2 is one of the most trusted names in the online gambling space. This alone is sure to attract affiliates as well as players as Xorti  releases the new brands to the public.

William Scott, Vice President of GTECH G2, summed up the partnership by saying:

 “It’s very exciting for GTECH G2 to be involved with the launch and creation of two new brands in the iGaming sphere. We are certain that both the Pokerleaders and SpinWinners sites will benefit from our ever expanding games portfolio.”

Right now, this partnership may not mean much to you as an affiliate. However, this is sure to change when SpinWinners and Pokerleaders are up and running.

Pokerleaders is awaiting license approval from ARJEL, the French online gaming regulator. Upon receiving approval, the company can launch its new brand and subsequently attract players and affiliates.

What are your thoughts on this partnership? Are you open to giving SpinWinners and Pokerleaders affiliate programs a try? Leave your thoughts in our affiliate forums!

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