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Jackpot Heavens downfall included a spectacular, cherub-filled Youtube video.

Jackpot Heavens

Though they finally shuttered their doors in January of this year, Jackpot Heavens definitely earned a spot on the list of T&C offenders.

Almost nothing in the Jackpots Heaven T&C could be considered factual since most of it was lifted word for word from another site. They also claimed to hold a Costa Rican gaming license which is well and good, but Costa Rica doesn’t issue online gaming licenses.

These guy were also notable for fleecing players with software that was less-than-random. Their whole house of cards unraveled in a spectacular fashion thanks to a single baccarat who smelled a rat while losing big.

The whole story is fascinating and well worth revisiting. We won’t give away too much, but it does involve a video of angels with a classical music soundtrack.



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